Why Solar

Why go solar?

  • Generate your own electricity
  • Produce clean and renewable energy
  • Reduce negative impact on the environment
  • Greater energy security
  • Avoid rising electric utility rates
  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Enjoy tax benefits and other economic incentives

Solar electricity, known as photovoltaics (PV), is a proven means of producing electricity from the sun. Any existing electrical system can be retrofitted to be powered by solar and new construction opportunities allow for diverse utilization of a solar system to accommodate consumer preference. Solar customers enjoy the following:

  • Readily Available Fuel Supply – Solar energy is delivered free of charge! There is a  cost associated with transporting and storing fuel, such as gas or propane for a generator, and transmitting electricity through substations and power lines.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact – PV systems create no pollution and generate no waste products when operating.
  • Modularity – A PV system can be designed for easy expansion. If your power demand could increase in future years, the ease and cost of increasing the PV power supply should be considered.
  • Minimal Maintenance – A well-designed PV system will operate unattended and requires minimum periodic maintenance.
  • Durability – Most of today’s PV modules are based on a proven technology that has experienced little degradation in more than 15 years of operation

The projected life span of many solar panels is 80 years or more and they are typically warranted for 20-25 years. Solar is one investment you can depend on paying for itself, as well as being an environmentally sound energy choice in providing green power for your children and your grandchildren’s children.

Planning your system requires an understanding of some basics about the technical aspects of electrical systems. There are three different types of PV systems that you can install on your property, each with its own specialized components. Please take time to read and understand each of these systems so that you can make an informed decision regarding the right arrangement for you. These systems are Grid-Tie, Grid-Interactive, and Off-Grid.

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