About Us

630649Solar Connexion is based in Blacksburg, Virginia and is the region’s premier renewable energy contractor (see our Service Area map). The founder, Bryan Walsh, has over 20 years of photovoltaic experience and oversees every job. Since Solar Connexion began in 1993, the business has installed a vast range of renewable energy systems in the mid-Atlantic including solar (off-grid, grid interactive (with batteries), grid-tie, and generator interactive), wind generators, and thermal systems.

Our staff is a small, highly skilled group whose entire focus is planning, building, and providing on-call service for high quality, state of the art renewable energy installations for both residential and commercial applications. We contract the whole job and don’t sub out anything, except digging in specific cases. We service what we sell & install; in addition, we also service any pre-existing system, even if another contractor installed it.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us!

We emphasize reliability, performance, efficiency, and workmanship—all above “bottom line” price. By doing this, we are able to provide systems that out perform standard system enough to make the actual cost per KWH produced lower than the “bottom line” priced systems. Our focus, therefore, is to design & install a high-quality system so that you can enjoy the benefits of your decision. Read more about What Sets Us Apart from other solar contractors and solar advertisers.