What Sets Us Apart

When we began in the solar business in the early 90’s there were four photovoltaic contractors in Virginia (most part-time). Now there are hundreds in the state of Virginia. Anyone with a contractor’s license can offer photovoltaic installation services. So how does one ensure they are working with a skilled and knowledgeable solar contractor?

What sets us apart is our 20+ years of experience and our dedication to offering the best value and service to our customers. Quality, performance, and reliability equate to a lower cost system in the long run for our customers.

IMG_5103We ONLY work in renewable energy unlike many general contractors who offer one-size-fits-all solar “kits” as a sideline to HVAC or roofing or remodeling. Our installed photovoltaic systems to date number:

  • 280+ grid-tie and grid-interactive systems
  • 142+ off-grid systems
  • 750+ kw of residential systems (252.65 kW registered with Sol Systems since 2009, average size 8.42 kW)
  • total residential + commercial photovoltaic capacity of nearly 1 MW

A few of the ways in which we are set apart from others advertising solar energy systems:

  • Equipment and Installation:
    • For grid-tie systems we use the best quality SMA inverters and drop the lowest string set option, allowing for a system that will operate efficiently many years from now, even as the panels degrade.
    • For grid-interactive and off-grid systems we use top-quality Outback inverters.
    • We don’t use pre-assembled power electronic equipment.
    • We only recommend microinverters for particular circumstances of variable shading and then we ensure that they can process all the potential power for full irradiance and temperature ranges for a given panel. (Microinverters, contrary to marketing material, are more difficult to service [roof vs equipment wall], and have more connection/failure points than string inverters).
    • We use all copper wire…NO aluminum (not even for the trunk line)
    • We do not use oversized panels that have a high glass-to-frame ratio permitting too much flexion and resulting in damage.
    • With ground mounts, we use racking with both front & back headers, not a single center pole that tend to twist from wind buffeting ruining panels and wiring.
    • We use solar modules and balance of system components from reputable, diversified, enduring companies.
    • Ground mount racks are set in concrete, not just earth.
    • Our racking doubles as a raceway, allowing for more of the wiring to be concealed/protected/neater.
    • For roof-mount systems, we use fully booted standoffs and no cheap “L” feet or Quick Mounts that will lead to roof leaks.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount and our connections, wire sizing, wire management practices, and grounding are all done to protect your home and electronics.
  • Workmanship: We offer absolute top quality workmanship that is recognized by building inspectors across the state. We warrantee our work ad infinitum.
  • Experience: We are the most experienced photovoltaic contractor in Virginia
  • Community: Outreach and education are important to us and we regularly offer free workshops and loan out our “solar trailer” for clean, quiet power at festivals and fairs. We’ve donated and installed arrays at the local Farmer’s Market, YMCA, and a low-income housing project. We worked with the Virginia Tech Lumenhaus and provide opportunities for students. (for more see News/Fun)
  • Reputation: We stand by our work and our reputation. We have many repeat customers (expansions, new homes) and much of our work is from word-of-mouth referrals. We have been here for many years, and will be here for many more!

IMG_0107Our primary goal at Solar Connexion is to ensure that our residential and commercial solar energy base continues to grow. The best way we can contribute to greater public acceptance of renewable energy is to continue bringing top-quality solar installations and service to our customers.

Poorly designed and installed photovoltaic systems may under-produce, suffer failures, and pose a significant safety hazard. Here are some examples of systems we have been called in to fix. Choose your installer wisely.

See examples of poor workmanship (not ours) and potentially dangerous installations (again, not our work) that we have seen. Enter at your own risk, click here!